Terms & Conditions

  • You must be in the legal age determined by the country where you live.
  • You can only access to our services if you are above 18 years of age. Minor are not allow to use our services in any circumstances.
  • We only encourage user to access or use our services if the user located at the country where online casino/gambling is legal. We do not intend that anyone should use our services where such use is illegal. You have the obligation to make determination that online casino is legal in where you live. You have to solely take all the legal responsibility where the online casino is illegal.
Our software are not design for you a personal solely, you have to follow the following provisions for playing in the online casino::
You are prohibited to do so:
  • Upload or Install the software to other server via online service or remote control or other methods.
  • You do not own the rights to assign, lease, loan, transfer or copy the software.
  • Any editing on the software are prohibited.
  • Any attempt or access our system or software by using third party software or program and causing our software not able to operate in usual are prohibited. We will take the legal actions to any of this.
  • Anyone that have, download or install our software are agreed that will follow our terms and conditions and will not take any actions that will affect the gaming experience.
We and user are arising out of this agreement on use of the online casino to the extent permitted by legal requirement:
  • The software is given without any warranties, we hereby excluded all the implied terms and warranties. We are not warrant that the software may meet everyone's need.
  • We do not warrant that the software will be non-infringing and the running operation will be 100% error free. We may not take any responsibility to you or third party that incurred the costs cause by the software. But, if there is an error or malfunction on the software, we will take the related actions to correct as fast as possible.
  • Our maximum liability to you and third party that arising out of this agreement on the use of online casino, whether for breach of contract, not able to fulfill the obligations or causes direct damage on the users will be no more than the amount of the user paid to access the software.
  • No matter under any circumstances, Live345 , our staff, board of directors, provider, producers, agents, parents and subsidiaries and other related parties will need not to take any liability for any direct or indirect damages, losses or whatsoever consequences by using online casino. If there is interruption in use of online casino, we will take the necessary action once we noticed.
  • Any allowable claims should bring to us within 30days from the day of the incidents. Any claims which not reported to us within 30days will be counted as forfeited.
  • Any risks or costs due to using third parties program or equipments while accessing our software or services should be solely bears by the user. We shall not compensate for any of this risks.
  • You hereby acknowledge that use of the software at your own risk. We shall not be responsible for any damages or costs.
  • If any user try to manipulate or cheating, we have the rights to close user accounts and all the balance will be forfeited. All the games must be carry on our software, any third party equiements or software are prohibited.
  • We are only allow user to access our casino services via the secured networks. You cannot access to our services without passing our security login.
  • User account should be use on entertainment purpose, any commercial or on behalf other person are prohibited.
  • You should keep your login ID and password confidential and should not disclose to others. User must responsible for any transactions or game records for their own ID.
  • You have the obligation to check the legality of the use of online casino in your own country. You have to bears all the risk if you are accessing to our service which is illegal at your own country or the place you live.
  • You are fully responsible to all taxes or costs when using online casino services.
  • If your personal details have changed, you shall inform us regarding your registration details.
  • You are agreed that all our games results are generated by the random number generator. All the results are fair . If the game results are different with the server results and you are acknowledge that our records on server are the final authority in determining the terms and circumstances.
  • All bets will become invalid when the online casino having technique problems or malfunction.
  • You are agree that the payment made to our accounts by their own willingness and will not ask for refund or cancel. Users are agree to bear all the extra costs for making the payments.
  • You have to make sure the payment are made to the accounts provided by us. The details of your payment should be align with your registration details, no third party payments are allow.
  • Balance for repeated register accounts or frozen accounts shall be forfeited, if you have such issues kindly contact with us for more details.
  • All the accounts that have no login or gaming records will consider as "hibernate" accounts. All this "hibernate" accounts balance will be forfeited. To avoid such clearance balance to yours accounts, kindly login and have some games within 12 months.
You have to agree or fulfilled all this terms and criteria only entitled to play online casino or use our services.
  • You must ensure that your residential area are allow the use of online casino.
  • You are acting for your own personal interest but not for any commercial purpose. You are acknowledge the use of any other purpose are strictly prohibited.
  • You are mentally and physically stable and not classified as compulsive gambler.
  • You have to responsible for all the prizes, game records or other information to the local government or the taxation authority.
  • You are agree to provide us the true information, if there is any changes , you are obligated to inform us.
  • You are understand that gambling have the possibility to losing money.
  • Illegal source of money or from criminal activities are not allow to use for deposits.
  • Colluding or attempting to collude or intending to participate are prohibited at online casino.
  • You must at least age of 18 and above. Minor are prohibited.
  • You are not our officers, employees, suppliers or any related party which have relation with company interest. If you breach this prohibitions, necessary actions will be taken.
We reserve the rights as below:
  • To reject any applicant for registration for our services.
  • To reject any wager on the online casin.
  • To modify, pause, remove or cancel any games or tournaments on the online casino.
  • To make and decision to modify or cancel any promotion or events that we promote including the timeline.
  • We have the final decision for in any prize, wager or games issues.
  • We have the rights to access user information and make an email,phone call or any related communication to our users.
  • If you seek for helps, kindly email us or via live chat.
  • If you need self exclusion for your accounts, kindly contact us and we will provide immediate assistance.